Life Assurance

Critical Illness Insurance

This type of insurance is designed to cover a specified range of critical illnesses and will pay out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious illness during the policy term.

It is important to seek guidance when looking at critical illness insurance as policy conditions, illness definitions and survival conditions vary considerably from company to company.

Critical illness insurance provides financial assistance to help you cope with the impact of surviving a serious illness. The payout can be used to repay or reduce a mortgage or other financial commitments or provide funds to assist with recovery or purchase special equipment.

A serious or critical illness is one which is regarded by the medical profession as life threatening and examples are heart attack, stroke, cancer, major organ transplant, kidney failure. You should check the details of any policy for the exact list of conditions covered but most life insurance companies offer most of the following:

Alzheimer’s disease

Aorta graft surgery



Coronary bypass surgery


Heart attack


Liver failure

Loss of speech

Motor neurone disease


Progressive supra nuclear palsy

Third degree burns


Benign brain tumour

Cancer (most malignant types)


Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease


Heart valve replacement/repair

Kidney failure

Loss of limbs

Major organ transplant

Multiple sclerosis

Parkinson’s disease


Fairly standard exclusions include illness or disability caused by drug/drink/solvent abuse, war and civil commotion, self-inflicted injury, pregnancy or failure to follow medical advice.

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